The KidDough Starter Set includes one full set of KidDough and one 15 Piece Classic and Pattern Tool Set!


One full set of KidDough consists of 6 half pound containers of our classic scents The current scents are as follows:

  • Fruit Punch (Red)
  • Orange Sherbet (Orange)
  • Bananarama (Yellow)
  • Watersmellon (Green)
  • Fruit Loopy Frenzy (Blue)
  • GrapeZILLA (Purple)


The tools included are: 

  • Full Size Rolling Pin
  • Straight Pizza Cutter
  • Wavy Pizza Cutter
  • Chopping Tool
  • Double Ended Shaping Tool
  • Straight Edge Scissors
  • 2 Dough Extruders
  • 1 Patterned Rolling Pin
  • 1 Pattern/Texture Palm Roller
  • 1 WeeBee Animal Print Stamper
  • 1 WeeBee Mushroom Stamper
  • 1 WeeBee Pole Stamper
  • 1 WeeBee Patterned Palm Stamper
  • 1 Big Wheel Pattern Roller


Each premium pattern tool type is available in 4 patterns. Patterns will be chosen at random unless specified. Requesting specific patterns may delay shipping times.


About Our KidDoughs:

Our super silky doughs will last for an average of 12 months if you put them away after play, but won't dry out even if they are left out overnight. Just squish them around so that they can rehydrate themselves! The beautifully smooth texture is not crumbly or gritty and will actually help encourage hands-on tactile play. They are made with all high quality non-toxic, food-grade ingredients and are nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan. And don't worry about the scent encouraging the kids to eat it, our ingredients are all natural, and we make the dough taste bitter to discourage oral exploration.

KidDough Starter Set


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