Our Hidden Surprise Mini KidDoughs are 2 oz. each, and each jar has a hidden surprise figurine inside! 


Available Scented or Unscented. Each KidDough is packaged in a long lasting twist top jar.


Figurines include: Gnome, Ladybug, Butterfly, Frog, Bunny, Hedgehog, Unicorn, Hummingbird, and Fox.


This set includes:

-One 2 oz Red (Cherry Bomb) with Hidden Figurine

-One 2 oz Orange (Mango Tango) with Hidden Figurine 

-One 2 oz Yellow (Bananarama) with Hidden Figurine

-One 2 oz Green (Watersmellon) with Hidden Figurine

-One 2 oz Blue (Fruit Loops) with Hidden Figurine

-One 2 oz Pink (Bubble Gum) with Hidden Figurine

-One 2 oz Purple (Grapezilla) with Hidden Figurine

-One 2 oz White (Vanilla Buttercream) with Hidden Figurine

Hidden Surprise Mini KidDoughs (Set of 8)


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