These super soft and silky aromatherapy doughs are a fantastic holistic stress reliever. Just squish, roll, pinch, and form the nervous energy away from your mind and into the dough. With moisturizers and therapeutic grade essential oils, this silky and pliable dough is a great tool for adults and children alike. Therapist approved for hand strengthening, occupational therapy, and stress relief. All natural food-grade ingredients and heat sanitizability make this ideal for special needs individuals and young children as well.


Each twist top jar contains 8 ounces of dough.


Available in 3 Scents-

Chill Pill- Eucalyptus Rosemary (Cool Blue)

Time Out- Lavendar (Deep Purple)

Grounded- Rosemary and Fir (Forest Green)

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Canola Oil, Cream of Tartar. Plant Based Food Coloring, and 100% Pure Essential Oils (Lavender, Fir Needle, Rosemary, Eucalyptus).

Dough-Roma Therapy Sensory Dough

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