The Dinosaur Surprise Collection is an exciting line of KidDoughs with a hidden twist! Each half pound dough contains one of twelve mystery dinosaur or fossil figurines to collect.


Set Includes:

  • Cobalt Blue (Prehistoric Punch)
  • Leafy Green (Lime-O-Raptor)
  • Orange (Roarin’ Orange)
  • Earthy Brown (Coco Cabana)


 Available Scented or Unscented. 


One set of dough consists of one half pound container of each of our 4 limited edition Dino Surprise doughs, for a total of 2 pounds of KidDough.


Our super silky sensory doughs model like a playdough, but are softer, more pliable, and far longer lasting! Every all natural KidDough is made with non-toxic food grade ingredients and is nut free, soy free, vegan and totally taste safe. These super durable doughs last for hundreds of hours of play (12 months on average), but wash out easily with just warm water. If ever you experience drying, just knead to rehydrate! Kids love our extra large containers that are easy to open and close. KidDoughs also contain naturally antimicrobial salt and essential oils helping to control germs during play, and can be fully heat sanitized in the microwave. EGKD has everything you knead for safe and engaging sensory play. Once you try KidDough, you won't go back to Play-Doh! 


Please note that the Essential Oils in Scented varieties provide additional protection from bacteria and act as a natural preservative to extend the shelf life of doughs significantly. Unscented doughs may not last quite as long!

Dino Surprise Dough Collection

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