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In 2013, Earth Grown KidDoughs Founder Cali Talbot discovered that her daughter Aurora had sensory processing challenges. Her preschool teacher and occupational therapist suggested that she use sensory materials like playdough at home to build her cognitive development and fine motor skills. While she showed interest in playing with dough, it came with some challenges for a 2 year old with sensory issues. For Aurora, it was too stiff to easily manipulate, it smelled awful, and left gritty residue on her hands. For Mom, it left a crumbly mess that stained her clothes and carpet, dried out too quickly, and was made with ingredients that made her nervous with a toddler who still tasted everything.  Being an innovative and resourceful mom, Cali set out to use her background in Chemistry and Baking to make something BETTER for her daughter.

She tested countless different ingredients and recipes in search of the perfect sensory friendly dough. It didn't take long for her to recognize that the texture problem with playdough isn't just WHAT the dough is made of, it's HOW! Cali hit the books, and then the kitchen. Within a few weeks and using just seven simple taste-safe ingredients from her kitchen, she finally created the best Dough on Earth. A superb silky-soft texture with the right amount of squish, no residue left on hands, and "such nummy smells". Aurora was happily playing with the dough for HOURS every day. Cali knew that she had come across something worth sharing.


 She brought her creation to share at the preschool and the teacher was blown away by the quality of the dough. Within days, she was getting calls and emails from parents and other schools asking how they could get some of this amazing silky-soft playdough. Raving reviews of her sensory doughs spread like wildfire throughout the local mom's groups, blogs, nanny agencies, play cafes, and News Channels- winning Award after Award along the way eventually evolving into the playtime staple it is now. Every dough is still proudly handcrafted with love in small batches at our woman-owned and woman-operated warehouse in Vancouver, WA in the United States of America.

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Our Products

In 2014, we began with an 8 color rainbow of the highest quality sensory doughs on Earth, lovingly scooped into disposable packaging and delivered to your doorstep. Today, we carry a wide selection of sensory playdough jars, play kits, and tools made to delight and engage children of all ages and we ship nationwide! From our base line of good old fashioned high quality dough (including Gluten Free options!) to our famously  fantastic scents and over the top custom glitters, we have something for everyone. ​

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Every Dough we hand make is all-natural, crazy long lasting, and silky soft. We know kids can be messy, so we made sure that our doughs are washable and heat sanitizable. They are also self lubricating and very resistant to drying (in fact, many of our customers get at least a year of play)! The beautifully smooth texture is not crumbly or gritty and will actually help encourage hands-on tactile play. They are made with all high quality non-toxic, food-grade ingredients and are nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan. We also make them taste bitter to discourage oral exploration amongst our youngest fans.

We know that you will be able to feel the love and quality in every scoop of Earth Grown KidDoughs, and hope that it can bring as much joy to your family as it brought to ours.

Here at Earth Grown KidDoughs, we believe in letting our products do the talking. Check out our Where To Find Us page to find a retailer near you and touch and smell our products for yourself or order online. We can't wait to make you a part of our family! 
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