Be in the know about your dough!

Dough Care
Though all of our doughs are super long-lasting, we suggest that you put it back in it's package or any other air-tight container as much as possible to help it retain its extra-silky texture. If you leave it out overnight, just put it back in its container when you can after squishing it around. If someone has decided that underneath their bed is a "treasure cave" and leaves their dough out of the container in a heap of fruity jewels for several days until  they are discovered as you vacuum under their bed, fret not. Your dough may feel slightly dry at the surface, but there are a couple of ways to rejuvinate your dough. The first is to simply work the dough around in your hands. This will usually incorporate and rehydrate all of the parts that have started to dry. If it has been left out for a fortnight or longer, you may end up with a few chunky pieces that seemingly just won't re-work into the dough. If this is the case, you can add a few drops of Canola Oil and work it around until it rehydrates. Tada! Good as new.


IF IT HAS BEEN LEFT OUT FOR SIGNIFICANTLY LONGER THAN A FEW DAYS AND BEGINS TO FORM AN OUTER CRUST, SIMPLY PEEL OFF THE OUTER SHELL AND THE INNER CONTENTS WILL BE AS GOOD AS NEW! We suggest replacing your dough once per year as all of our products contain 100% natural oils that have a shelf life of one year.



One of the most fantastic features of our dough is that it can be heat sanitized without affecting the texture. If someone in your household or classroom gets a cold or the flu, simply throw your dough in a ziploc bag and pop it in the microwave. The goal is to reach 165 degrees to kill most common germs. This generally equates to 2 minutes per pound of dough (or 1 minute per 1/2 pound container) in a 1200 watt microwave oven. We highly recommend testing to make sure your dough has reached the appropriate temperature before considering it sanitized. Your dough will soften and spread out during the microwaving process but will be back to it's amazingly squishy self once it returns to room temperature. If you are sanitizing dough regularly or your dough has already been well-loved, you may find that adding a few drops of Canola oil will rejuvinate the dough and help it retain its texture better.


Also, another very important note: 165 degrees is VERY HOT! Please do not allow anyone to touch or play with the dough until it has cooled. The only thing worse than a sick kid is a sick kid that just touched something really hot!